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How do I get a log-in?

You should have received a login via email. If not, please contact your sales representative or contact us by phone (toll-free): 888-707-7040 or email:

Can I still call my sales rep for help?

Absolutely! Our sales team is still here to assist you with all your technology needs.

How can I find my sales rep's information?

You can contact us by phone (toll-free): 888-707-7040 or email:

How do I access my TechDepot order history and account details? is available for you to access your old information.

How do I use the Office Depot Site?

For those of you who are new to using the Office Depot website, we have a demo to help. In order to access this content, you must be logged in. Login Now

Additional Questions?

Contact us by phone (toll-free): 888-707-7040 or email:
For any questions or needs related to TechDepot please call 888-707-7040.