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Searching for a partner to help you go greener? We are committed to providing eco-conscious products and services to help our customers. We've developed a step-by-step guide to help you save time and money while reducing your environmental footprint through our Greener Purchasing Program. 
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What does "eco-conscious" mean for business?

It means making a concerted effort to reduce its negative environmental impact while increasing demand for greener products and implementing sustainability.

How can being eco-conscious help your company?

The following practices can help you reduce costs and increase efficiency across your organization:

  • Conserving energy
  • Recycling
  • Using water-saving devices
  • Leveraging energy-efficient equipment
  • Reducing waste
  • Promoting eco-conscious methods to help set your business apart and attract new customers


Get help in reducing your environmental impact

Tap into our Greener Purchasing Program for five main steps and a series of tools that may help you save time and money while reducing your environmental footprint. In addition, your account manager can provide examples of current policies to help your business shine.



Choose from thousands of eco-conscious products

Equip your business with thousands of products that have eco-attributes and eco-labels from our GreenerOffice™ Web Store. You’ll find everything from supplies to furniture, lighting, cleaning supplies and more. In addition, you can refer to The Green Book® which features products that are color-coded using our GreenerOffice™ rating system.


Help your business work greener with our eco-conscious services and solutions

Reporting to track green spend

Analyze your organization's spend and determine your focus areas with a set of Green Spend Reports. 

How it works:

GreenerOffice™ Delivery Service

Lower your impact on waste and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by having your orders shipped in as few boxes as possible. With the GreenerOffice Delivery Service, your orders will be shipped in paper bags instead of cardboard boxes. For orders delivered in bags, we will reduce the number of boxes used for deliveries and also eliminate the use of air pillows.

Recycling solutions

Help your business reduce its environmental footprint with recycling options for ink and toner, and technology. 

Committed to being greener in everything we do

Our journey to environmental leadership began in 2003. We pay close attention to the impact our business has on the environment in our stores, distribution centers and offices. From our patented GreenerOffice™ Rating System to our GreenerOffice™ Delivery Service to planting trees in our communities, we have a variety of programs and initiatives in place to support our commitment to be a responsible corporation and help our suppliers and customers do the same. The focus of our environmental programs is to limit waste, conserve energy, promote recycling and minimize the use of harmful chemicals.

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