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Don’t let the learning stop

From core supplies to cooperative contract options, ODP Business Solutions™ helps schools and districts with sophisticated and flexible procurement solutions. We offer an experienced public sector sales team, a variety of contracting options across many product categories (including Makerspace, STEM, STEAM and eSports), and comprehensive technology spanning procurement to payment.


All your solutions, all in one place


Moving forward together

We offer customized solutions for a modern learning environment that can help your faculty and students succeed. Tap into leading-edge technology and purposeful furniture to facilitate collaboration when you work with our ODP Business Solutions Workspace Interiors team to help redesign all your spaces. 

Reimagine the role of the classroom

Enjoy the flexibility to maintain a space for students to learn, eat, and play while maintaining the ability to support hybrid learning. Our tech solutions and furniture options will help you navigate the changing needs and minimize losing valuable class time. 

Stretch your funding farther

ODP Business Solutions will provide you with a dedicated account team to help you spend effectively and efficiently — with complete transparency. Our personalized dashboards and in-depth reporting help you visualize your spending trends easily.

Cleaner environments for better learning

Let your facility shine

With top-quality cleaning products, tools and air-filtration, there’s no shortage of ways we can help you keep your school cleaner and more comfortable — all while helping reduce the spread of germs. 

Take a stance with sustainability

Address high sustainability standards by partnering with ODP Business Solutions. We can help you meet your key goals by offering greener cleaning products from brands like Highmark® ECO and Diversey, plus products from diverse, locally-based suppliers.

Clean smarter, not harder

By utilizing cleaners with fast dwell times and floor finishes with early cure times — plus dilution control and dosing solutions that manage chemical concentrations and distribution more accurately — you can help reduce labor times and cleaning costs, all while cleaning more effectively.

Discover how other schools are succeeding

Empowering a district for success

See how ODP Business Solutions was able to secure more than 15,000 Chromebooks for students in time for back to school.


Furnishing a new state-of-the-art high school

See how ODP Business Solutions helped design and deliver a 400,000-square-foot learning environment in time for back to school.

Creating progressive learning environments

Discover how we helped transform 4 standard classrooms into pedagogically responsive environments for the Baldwin public school district.



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We’ll assess your building and provide insight into ways you can increase efficiency, safety, and compliance while streamlining costs.

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