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When it comes to running a business, there’s always one thing you can count on: change. That’s why staying agile, adaptive, and ahead of an ever-bending curve is so important. You should have more than a supplier in your corner. You deserve a collaborator with the power to deliver on big initiatives, plus the focus to notice the smallest details.

Office Depot’s Business Solutions Division is now ODP Business Solutions, a leading B2B solutions provider serving small, medium and enterprise level companies. 

Work has changed and so have we … into something your business can always count on. ODP Business Solutions.

1. I have read announcements in the news about changes to the Office Depot company. How will these changes impact me?

You shouldn't expect any changes to service as we are focused on designing and delivering our solutions and services based on how we can best support you. We greatly value your business and look forward to continuing to serve as your go-to provider with the excellence you've come to expect.

We are moving forward with the rebranding of the Business Solutions Division as ODP Business Solutions, an independent company under The ODP Corporation. With this rebranding, we are focusing our strategy fully on B2B customers like you, allowing us to get more closely aligned with your business needs and initiatives.

2. How does this rebranding benefit me?

As a B2B-focused company, we can be more agile and flexible in responding to new requirements and in helping you navigate new trends or challenges that may impact your business.

Focusing our strategy fully on B2B customers like you means that we’ll be able to get more closely aligned with your business requirements. It allows us to be more innovative as we continue to grow and evolve and plan our assortment of solutions and services based on how we can best support our customers’ businesses.


3. Will my Sales team or Sales Representative change because of this?

We are not planning any changes to the sales organization as a result of this rebranding. You will notice that your sales representative’s email address will be changing to, but please rest assured that the email address you have saved in your contacts / have used in the past, will still work.


4. I would like to discuss details regarding how this will affect the specific needs of my business. Who can I contact other than my Sales Representative?

Ask your Sales Representative to have a Sales Director contact your team and schedule time to review your account. The Sales Director can include appropriate leaders within the company to discuss your concerns in greater detail.


5. What happens to our access to copy and print services?

You will still be able to place orders for Print services via the ODP Business Solutions website and have them delivered to you or choose to pick up your orders at an Office Depot® or OfficeMax® store.


6. Will this rebranding result in changes in the purchasing process? Will you have a new website? 

ODP Business Solutions has a new website URL -- There should be no disruption in the user experience – is being automatically redirected to the new site, and all current site functionality and support that you are used to will still be there. 


7. What about the mobile app? 

The mobile app has also been updated to reflect the new ODP Business Solutions entity.


8. Will there be changes to how B2B “EDI” customers purchase after the rebranding? 

Customers with Punchout System Integrations (Third Party Punchout) will experience an automatic redirect to our new site in May 2022. Both EDI and Punchout customers will be required to make configuration updates to the new URL by early Q4 2022, as the old URL will be phased out.

We will contact all Punchout and EDI accounts over the next several weeks to coordinate a timeline and support you through the required changes, but you will be able to continue to purchase through your current configuration until phase-out of the old URL.


9. Will there be any changes to who we make payments to after this rebranding?

Yes, our new legal entity and the new name on your invoices will be ODP Business Solutions, LLC, starting in May 2022. In April, we sent a communication to your company’s A/P contacts to make them aware of the change and how to get answers about your supplier and ACH set up needs. But, know that your current payment set up will continue to work while we help your Accounting department make the necessary transition.  


10.  Will there be any changes in your product assortment, exclusive (private) brands in particular? Are the SKU and/or Item numbers remaining the same on your new website?

ODP Business Solutions customers will continue to have access to all current private brands. All current private brands will remain as a normal part of the contract assortment and will be sourced via warehouses as they are today. Regular, periodic changes in our assortments will continue to follow the current assortment change process.

All SKU and Item numbers will remain the same on the new ODP Business Solutions website.


11.  What happens with Office Depot gift cards? Can I still purchase/use those? 

Yes, you will still be able to purchase Office Depot retail gift cards via our new website and continue to use them in Office Depot or OfficeMax retail locations. However, as of May 1, 2022 you are not be able to use Office Depot gift cards as a payment method on the website.

Please contact us at 1-888-2-OFFICE (888-263-3423) if you have any additional questions!