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As we recently shared with you, starting in May 2022 we are launching our new brand -- ODP Business Solutions™ – and a new website,  www.odpbusiness.com. This is part of our evolution to a B2B-dedicated company that is more agile and innovative in how we focus on businesses like yours — all while bringing nearly 30 years of knowledge and experience to the table.

This evolution does require us to work a bit differently with the Office Depot® and OfficeMax® retail stores. One of the necessary changes is that we are replacing the current Store Purchasing Card with a new Store Discount Program, as of May 1, 2022

What is changing?

  • If you currently have a Store Purchasing Card (SPC) your card will be switched over to the new Store Discount Program on May 1, 2022.

  • The program will offer a standard discount on certain product categories when you identify yourself as a program member, however the SPC will no longer provide access to your discounted contract pricing. 

  • You can use your current SPC, but we encourage you to sign up online starting May 1 and get our mobile app – for login help, please contact Customer Care at 888-2-OFFICE

  • Please note: Account Billing will no longer be available with the Store Discount Program.

Is there anything I need to do?


  • You can continue using your current SPCtemporarily, but you will be required to register online for the and download our mobile app if you wish to continue to access the discount in store.
  • Trouble logging in? Contact Customer Care at 888.263.3423.
  • Once you sign up, you can use our mobile app at check-out to identify yourself as a program member and receive your standard discount.  


What can I use for payment in the store, if I can no longer use Account Billing?

  • You can use any regular form of payment such as cash or credit card.

Can I still get our Tax Exemption if I purchase in an Office Depot or OfficeMax store?

  • Yes, if you are currently receiving tax exemption with SPC purchases. But you will be required to register on the website to access the Store Discount Program via your mobile device. Note: All tax certificates must be valid and registered with BSD-TaxExemption@officedepot.com.    

How can I still get my contract pricing if I shop in person at Office Depot or OfficeMax store?

  • Although you can no longer access your contract pricing in store, you can continue to take advantage of your contract pricing by placing your order online at www.odpbusiness.com
  • Online orders can be shipped to your home or business, or you can place an order online for pick up at your favorite Office Depot® or OfficeMax® store locations
  • Ordering online gives you more visibility, accountability and control over what your organization orders at your contracted price! 
  • Note: A login is required to make purchases online and pick up orders in stores. If you don't have a login yet, simply cal 888.263.3423 to get set up.

I have been using a Procurement Card (P-Card) when shopping at Office Depot and OfficeMax store, what do I need to do now? 

  • Unfortunately, the P-Card program is being discontinued, as of May 1, 2022. You can continue to use your P-Card as a form of payment, however, the store systems will no longer recognize your business account information.

  • With the Store Discount Program, you can still enjoy a standard discount on certain product categories when shopping at any Office Depot or OfficeMax store, through our new  Store Discount Program.

  • Sign up online for the Store Discount Program, starting May 1, then download our mobile app, so you can identify yourself as a program member in the stores and get the discount!

  • If you are currently receiving tax exemption with your P-Card purchases, when you register online for the Store Discount Program, this information will be visible on the mobile app.
  • Note: All tax certificates must be valid and registered with BSD-TaxExemption@officedepot.com


My company uses Purchase Orders when buying in an Office Depot or OfficeMax store – can we continue to do so?

  • Starting May 1, the only options for using Purchase Orders will be to log into our website and order online for either delivery or in-store pick up or call/chat with our Customer Care team to place your order.

What if I want to return an item?

  • If you purchased an item in an Office Depot or OfficeMax retail store using the Store Discount Program you can return this item in the store with your original sales receipt, in accordance with the terms and conditions of and the Office Depot® OfficeMax® return policy

  • If you placed an order on the ODP Business Solutions website for pickup in and Office Depot/OfficeMax retail store and would like to return the item after you have picked it up, please go to your Order History page on your ODP Business Solutions account page, select the order/item you would like to return, and create a self-service return to ship the item back to us.

If you have any additional questions, please contact our Customer Care team at 888-2-OFFICE.