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Why People Trust us on Sustainability

Looking for innovative solutions that can help you meet your environmental sustainability goals? ODP Business Solutions not only offers a wide range of products with eco-attributes or eco-labels, but we also implement services and utilize a triple bottom line approach as the framework for our sustainability initiatives.


How does your business intend to reduce its environmental footprint on the planet?

Our dedicated sustainability team is here to provide support and experience to your business through our Greener Purchasing Program, recycling solutions, GreenerOffice Delivery service, and more.

How can your business support people and the community?

We can help your organization bring human-focused sustainability solutions to life by leveraging our own road map and sustainability strategy.

How does your business create opportunities for economic prosperity?

Our robust supplier diversity program can help you meet your supplier diversity purchasing initiatives, as well as provide opportunities for qualified, competitive and under-served small businesses.



Understanding your sustainability challenges
— and
helping you address them





Free site assessment

We’ll assess your building and provide insight into ways you can increase efficiency, safety, and compliance while streamlining costs.


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