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Managing workforce ecosystems

Organizations are looking for the right processes, technologies, facilities, and leadership support to help maintain continuity, enhance productivity and help prevent burn-out within their workforce. Today, that workforce can consist of employees, contractors, freelancers, gig workers, subcontractors, complementary businesses, extended marketplace sellers, and even chatbots and robots.

Success is never far away

Evolving the workplace

With more solitary work happening off-site, many offices are re-thinking their spaces to accommodate more flexibility. In addition, these offices are also refreshing their breakrooms, so that they can offer some of the comforts of home.

Curated furniture bundles

Let our associates curate bundles of office furniture that your hybrid employees can have delivered to their homes. All bundled furniture meets or exceeds ANSI/BIFMA quality standards for safety and functionality.

Work meets wellness

Although it is helpful to maintain a healthier office space on-site, providing employees with ergonomic furniture and accessories can help them maintain comfort and productivity while working from home as well.

Empowering productivity

Supplying your locations 

Shop a wide variety of office items to help your team boost productivity while in the office, working remotely, or in hybrid work situations. Hybrid employees can even shop remotely online.

Technology solutions 

Office video conferencing has been changed by the immersive adoption of well-known programs. New technology for seamless video conferencing and hybrid colleagues are key. Cybersecurity remains critical, while AI, machine learning and augmented reality are continuing to evolve how we work.

Expanding your brand’s reach

Discover ODP 360; a single-source platform with easy customization. We can help you create marketing materials, apparel, and source thousands of customizable products to showcase your brand.

Optimizing your workspace with ease

Effective collaboration

As more and more offices become hybrid hubs for in-person collaboration as well as virtual work, many companies are evolving their traditional conference rooms into more flexible, collaborative, and leading-edge workspaces for in-person and remote meetings.

Security and connectivity

Help safeguard your employee’s data, image and audio quality, ease of collaboration, speed and more with advanced security software — plus managed firewalls, more secure network connections, and 24/7/365 on-call technical support.

Managed print services

Let us help you create a hub from which employees can find up-to-date forms, order printed materials, and access an assortment of branded promotional items. We even offer storage and shredding solutions.

Free site assessment

We’ll assess your building and provide insight into ways you can increase efficiency, safety, and compliance while streamlining costs.

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