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From Carbon Neutrality to Circular Economies: Transforming Supply Chains

Discover how transformative action can help reshape our world, foster resilience, and safeguard our planet’s future — all while helping you achieve business success.


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Nurturing students’ minds and bodies in esports

Learn how esports can benefit students and discover the types of technology and furniture that can help your school, college, or university get in the game.


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4 steps for achieving cleaner and healthier classrooms

Read about the concrete steps that school administrators can take to promote wellness and help reduce the spread of germs in K-12 environments.

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How schools can benefit from ESSER funds

Discover the top 5 ways to make the most of ESSER III funds — including everything from training to repairs to improving air quality.


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Evolving with the ever-changing world of business

Learn about ODP Business Solutions® comprehensive and forward-thinking products and services, accessible reporting tools, robust supply chain, and customized deliveries.


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Exploring the wellness trend in education

Read how K–12 schools can stay ahead of the health and safety curve in an era of shifting definitions and changing regulations.


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Boosting your organization’s productivity

Discover how you can count on ODP Business Solutions® supply chain, products, services, and unique solutions to help your employees maintain productivity with consistency.


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Helping reduce costs and empowering employees

Read how we can help you create a furniture standards program that can deliver consistent and positive experiences while also helping you reduce costs.


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Moving the future of work forward through collaboration

Find out how supporting collaboration across locations can help boost productivity, foster better communication, and even help fortify your culture.


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Making hybrid working work for your organization

See how using the right tools and making small changes can help keep your employees working seamlessly and maintain productivity without missing a beat.


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Color coding your world of work

Learn how color coding can help you stay organized, make it easier to find files, keep workspaces tidier, and help processes be more efficient.



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Drawing the outside world in with indoor landscaping

Read how bringing nature inside can help reduce stress and lead to happier employees, and how some companies are even using it to help shift to a more comfortable and relaxed culture.


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Jump-starting your motivation and focus with a well-organized workspace

Discover how having the right supplies and tools at your fingertips can help limit distractions — and make the difference between excellence and inefficiency.


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Making workplace well-being a top priority

Find out about newer wellness measures that can help your employees feel more relaxed and productive wherever they work — with customizable solutions that can minimize the impact to your bottom line.

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Optimizing your organization with ODP Business Solutions

See how having the right technology, tools, and services can help keep your employees focused and engaged, and how ODP Business Solutions can be your one-stop shop.

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Achieving validation of science-based emission reduction targets

Learn why The ODP Corporation has been recognized by the Science Based Targets initiative for its science-based targets for greenhouse gas emissions.

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